Realize the Value of Your Data in Realtime

The Internet of Things (IoT) is real, devices and sensors are everywhere. The amount of data that is generated is increasing at a level that is unmanageable. Moving massive amounts of data to a central location is not feasible. Enterprises need to process and analyze data to generate meaningful insights.
Edge Computing optimizes cloud computing systems by performing data processing at the edge of the network, near the source of the data.

When Reaction Time is Critical,
Process at the Edge

Applications that require reaction time cannot afford to send data back to a centralized cloud, delayed response time prevents the value from happening. Let Alliance help design and implement your Edge solution. Processing at the extreme edge of your network.

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Data is More Valuable
at the Edge

IoT is driving processing and analytics to the edge of the network. More and more applications require instant feedback to drive value. Results are also sent back to the cloud for further analysis providing a continuous feedback between the Edge and the Cloud. Machine to Machine Learning. Let Alliance help design and implement your Edge Cloud Strategy.

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Use Cases
Processing at the Edge

IoT Sensor Data Monitoring & Analysis

IoT sensors are creating massive amounts of data, sensors are becoming more powerful and with the number of sensors collecting data growing, data volume is set to continue growing exponentially. Analytics must move to the edge and be on the platform that is generating the data. Moving analytics to the edge provides the timely insights needed to drive results.


Remote Monitoring & Analysis for Manufacturing

Edge Computing for manufacturing can mean the difference between normal operations, poor performance or even a disaster. Edge Computing provides near-instant analysis at the site as the data is being created which helps organizations see signs of poor performance or impending disaster.


Compliance at Financial Branch Locations

Financial institutions are under attack, these organizations do not have the time to move data back to a central data center or upload to a cloud for analysis. These institutions need to find and stop non-compliant transactions in real-time.


Mobile Data Thinning

Mobile data is being created and stored at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, much of the mobile data created is not needed. The ability to target only the relevant data while eliminating the noise is a daunting task. Utilizing Edge Analytics enables companies to understand their data needs and process and analyze only the information necessary.

Is Your Enterprise Performing at the Edge.
Let Alliance Perform an Edge Computing Assessment. Learn how processing at the Edge can drive real business value.

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